Anatomia Neuroradiologica Basalis – Latin, English




128 pages, NEUW Publishing ISBN 978-80-903322-3-4, Publishing ISBN Triton 987-80-72-54-844-1, co-edition
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Anatomia NeuroradiologicaBasalisprovides basicknowledge of the anatomyof the brain, cranium, spine, spinal cord, peripheral nervesand vascularsystemCNSusingimages from differentimaging methods.
AnatomiaRadiologicaAbdominalisBasalisprovides basicknowledge of the anatomyof the digestive tractand organsand blood vesselsof the abdomen andpelvison imagesof various imaging methods.

All4 partsAnatomiaRadiologicabasaliscontain312images ofmorethan 4,800identifiedanatomical structuresand organs.
The bookon imagesof variousimaging (MRI, CT, ultrasound,radiography) described917uniqueanatomicalstructureofthe femurafterstapesandthefrontal lobeafterulnar nerve.
Each bookcontains an indexin Latin andEnglish.For allanatomical structuresin the bookconsistentlyusedthe Latinnomenclatureaccording to the terminologyAnatomica(1998). Englishdescription of the typesof imaging techniquesandprojectionsare given inheaders and footerson each side.
Complementingthe bookis itselectronic versionon the Thiselectronic databaseisalwaysavailable toowners ofbooksand enableintuitive and simplesearchof anatomical structuresthroughtheiron-line databasesand the Internet.

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Weight 0.3 kg