Anatomia Radiologica Hominis – multilingual




Number of Pages 106 , Publishing House NEUW ISBN 978-80-01-05392-8

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Virtually everyone in the European Union has ever examined one of the imaging methods. Basic information about the anatomy of the human body already known in science in elementary schools and then from biology at secondary schools.

Currently radiographs or CT,/MRI/ultrasound images are often provided to the patients, because digital technology freed radiograph, CT and MR images from a single original. image on film

This book will provide any reader with basic information about the way the different organs, bones, muscles, blood vessels, or central nervous look like on medical images of different imaging methods and learn about the anatomical structures with their names in Latin, English, French, German, Czech and Swedish. The book can help readers to to understand, at least partially, to medical images. Paramedical workers will also help in the study and then in communication with physicians in eveery day work in hospital.

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Weight 0.65 kg